OQGN Participates in Oman Sustainability Week 2024

Date: 29/04/2024

OQ Gas Networks SAOG (OQGN), the exclusive operator of Oman`s natural gas transmission network, took part in Oman Sustainability Week from 29th of April to 1st of May 2024, affirming its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future in alignment with Oman Vision 2040.

The event was held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre in Muscat and began with an opening ceremony under the patronage of H.H. Sayyid Taimur bin Asad Al Said, along with other notable officials from both the government and private sector.

This event aims to provide a platform that brings together various sectors and entities, and society in general to learn further about the sustainable practices and fostering innovation and collaboration through a variety of activities, to contribute to the Sultanate`s vision for a sustainable future.

In this highly anticipated event, OQGN showcased its dedication to sustainability, emphasizing its alignment with Oman Vision 2040, international frameworks, and industry best practices. The company`s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 was demonstrated through its decarbonization strategy, projects, and initiative. OQGN sustainability commitment extends beyond environmental concerns to include social and governance aspects. OQGN is proud to achieve over 94% Omanization in its workforce and providing more than 22,000 training. As well as transparently disclosing ESG performance on MSX while adhering to regulations for listed companies.

OQGN’s dedication was further underscored by the participation of two OQGN employees in the Oman Sustainability Talks, where they discussed decarbonization and carbon capture utilization potential in the Sultanate.

Throughout the event, OQGN shared its strategies and potential opportunities for sustainable growth, reinforcing its commitment to a more sustainable future for Oman by emphasizing sustainability as an integral part of OQGN’s strategy.